Amdapor Keep (Hard)

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The vines in this instance that slap down on the party can also be used to debuff mobs.

alt me Anchag

  • Keep him away from the statues.
  • When tethered, hide behind a statue.
  • His column attack charge does more damage the farther away you are. Run into him to help negate the damage.
  • alt me Boogeyman

  • Once he becomes invisible, gain the buff from the Luminescence add by destroying it and standing in the AE it drops. It will allow you to attack him again.
  • Turn away from the AE cone attack to avoid the confusion debuff if you cannot get out of it.
  • Take out the Bloodmoon Sacrifice that casts Internal Combustion first.
  • After Doppelgänger is cast, focus on one Boogeyman and only pull one out of the shadows at a time.
  • Demon Wall area: 3 minutes to kill many waves of adds. If you wipe, you will continue where you left off.

    alt me Ferdiad

  • Destroy the slimes quickly to free players.
  • Avoid AE attacks and the spinning swords.
  • Destroy Wicked Jester adds when they spawn to stop the AE circle from growing and avoid the incoming AE attack.
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