Amdapor Keep

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Destroy the Lunatic Follower with a staff first. Will summon a tougher add if not burned quickly.

alt me Lunatic Priest / Psycheflayer

  • Kill the Lunatic Priest before switching to Psycheflayer
  • High-level geared groups can just burn through them both.
  • Do not try and attack the big golem add. Pull Psycheflayer to a wall if you are lower geared to help avoid the golem AE attacks.
  • Some of the dragon statues will become enemies. Careful to not get overwhelmed if lower geared.

    alt me Demon Wall

  • Watch for a Repel cast from the Demon Wall. Get centered on the platform, the pushback from Repel can push you off the platform if not centered.
  • Avoid the column attacks. Always starts inside, then outside.
  • Stay out of the void zones.
  • Be careful in the next zone with too many trash adds at once. Be ready to dance around targeted AE attacks

    alt me Anataboga

  • Pull him to a corner hear a statue and have him face into the arena (tail to the wall).
  • Higher level geared groups can just burn the boss.
  • Lower level geared groups need to dodge the Imminent Catastrophe cast by getting behind the statues in relation to the center. (closer to the corners of the arena)
  • If a statue comes to life, DPS should burn it before focusing back on the boss.
  • If tethered, run away from the group until it stops. Stay away from the orb you just spawned.
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