The Aurum Vale

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Stay out of yellow puddles

alt me Locksmith

  • Eat Morbol Fruit (around arena) to dispel the Gold Lung debuff stacks. Should dispel at 2 stacks to be safe.
  • alt me Coincounter

  • Similar to "The Eyes Have It" fate in Coerthas.
  • 100-tonze Swipe can be avoided if you walk behind him as he is casting.
  • When he emotes, "The Coincounter takes a moment to reconsider..." run close to the boss. (Ranged AE attack incoming)
  • 100-tonze Swing RUN AWAY! (or interrupt the cast quickly)
  • alt me Miser's Mistress

  • You can wait longer to eat the Morbol Fruit (3-4 stacks) than vs Locksmith
  • Will spawn Morbol Fruit enemy adds, should DPS those down ASAP before they turn into Morbol Seedlings.
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