Castrum Meridianum

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  • Deactivating Searchlights before pulling mobs can make some mobs disappear.
  • Stay left, hug sides and walk behind mobs to avoid having to fight mobs.
  • alt me Black Eft

  • Tank and spank.
  • Avoid stepping in search light areas. (mobs will spawn)

    alt me Magitek Vanguard F-1

  • Make sure to take out adds so they do not overwhelm the group. Otherwise, tank & spank.
  • Use Mark XLIII Cannons against enemies. Drag as many enemies back to the cannons to help speed through.

    alt me Magitek Colossus Rubricatus

  • Off-tank should pick up all adds. Otherwise tank & spank.
  • alt me Livia Sas Junius

  • Shoot Cannons at her in phase 1 and take out any adds.
  • Phase 2 is normal tank and spank.
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