Copperbell Mines (Hard)

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Destroy the Collapsed Rocks to progress through the dungeon.

alt me Hecatoncheir Mastermind

  • As you run down the track, new adds will spawn. You can balance how far you pull the boss and the number of adds you have to deal with. It really depends on your level.
  • Keep moving down the track as it will become engulfed in flames.
  • Flambeau adds should be killed quickly by DPS. (Don't let them reach the platform that's on fire)
  • alt me Gogmagolem / Biggy

  • DPS, spawn bombs using the improved blasting device. Pick them up and place them near the boss to damage him.
  • After the first bomb detonates on him, he will run around the room casting Rockslide. Make sure the tank keeps that column attack pointed away from other party members.
  • Avoid void zones, especially while carrying a bomb.
  • Tank & spank Biggy when he appears. Can drop a bomb on him if you have any left over. Avoid the AE attacks.
  • alt me Ouranos

  • One DPS (or healer) person needs to be assigned to deal with the worm. They will interact with the crystallized rocks to pick them up, then set them down in the sand when the abyss worm is "searching for fodder."
  • The second DPS needs to pick up the adds if they spawn to keep them away from the healer.
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