Copperbell Mines

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Pick up firesand and use it with the Blasting Devices.

alt me Kottos

  • Kill the Spriggan Sifter adds to get Kottos to appear.
  • Tank & spank Kottos.
  • alt me Ichorous Ire

  • Use the Improved Blasting device to spawn a Blasting Cap add (don't destroy it)
  • Tank the Ichorous Ire and position it within the Blasting Cap AE explosions
  • DPS ignore attacking the boss completely (until it has been blasted 3 times). Pick up the Spriggan adds and help spawn the Blasting Cap
  • Once the Ichorous Ire is in 8 pieces, everyone can destroy them.
  • alt me Gyges the Great

  • Burn him down. Adds will try and smash through another wall. Lower level groups may want DPS to destroy the adds as they spawn.
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