Cutter's Cry

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alt me Myrmidon Princess

  • Kill the Myrmidon Marshal add. The healer can kite the other adds around the room or DPS can kill them. Most high level groups will have the healer kite the adds around the outside of the arena instead of killing them so they can DPS down the Myrmidon Princess quickly.
  • alt me Giant Tunnel Worm

  • When the worm goes under ground, he will target a party member and charge towards them. Move away and out of his path to the player. Any sand sprayed can do damage.
  • During the whirlpool of sand, run to the outside. Those closer to the center will take more damage.
  • alt me Chimera

  • Pay attention to the head/eye color messages. If Purple/Dragon get close to Chimera. (outside room AE attack incoming) If Blue/Ram, get away from Chimera. (Ice attack similar to Blizzard II for Thaumaturges)
  • Run from the glowing blue orb. It will disappear.
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