Dzemael Darkhold

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  • Purple glowing zones by crystals in the instance provide a protection from the All-Seeing Eye AE attacks.
  • Stand in Magitek Terminals for a time to activate them.
  • alt me All-Seeing Eye

  • Tank him in the purple zones by crystals, switching to other zones when the crystals dim.
  • Pickup adds while still staying in the purple zones.
  • alt me Taulurd

  • Ranged DPS can stay up on the ridge if careful, but stay out of the AE attacks. Jump down if necessary to avoid them.
  • alt me Batraal

  • Destroy the Corrupted Crystal that he is tethered to, then focus back to Batraal
  • Stay out of the column attacks. These hurt a lot.
  • Stay out of the void zones.
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