Halatali (Hard)

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Careful of the ceiling traps. You can debuff/damage mobs this way too.

alt me Pyracmon

  • Hit the lever when he starts casting 1000 tonze swing. Then run to the area around the Mammet to get the mana wall buff to protect yourselves from the 1000 tonze swing.
  • alt me Catoblepas

  • 1 Tainted Eye pedestal per person. Know which one is yours.
  • During the Demon Eye cast, activate your Tainted Eye pedestal for a buff that protects you from the incoming AE
  • The Tainted Eye add should be killed immediately.
  • Talk to the Elite Gladiator Trainer to teleport to the next segment of the dungeon.

    alt me Mumepo the Beholden

  • First group: Kill the healer first, then two DPS, then tank.
  • Second group Kill Mumuepo first, then Narasimha
  • When chained, the unchained member needs to interact with Thal's Scepter to unchain the other players in order to avoid the AE attack.
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