Haukke Manor (Hard)

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Destroy Manor Clavigers first in the trash packs.

alt me Manor Jester

  • Kill the adds first and new adds as they spawn.
  • Stay out of the AE attacks.
  • In the hall with the lit panels, be careful how many adds you pull at once. Running past some panels spawns adds. Some panels with do a column attack as you pass as well.

    alt me Ash

  • Avoid the AE attacks. Tanking near the middle will allow everyone short distances to cover to avoid them.
  • Healers should watch for and dispel the Heavy debuff on the party to allow for maximum movement.
  • Tank should pick up any adds that spawn, while DPS burns them.
  • alt me Hailcarnassus

  • Avoid the AE caused by Dark Mist. It will give you a "Frozen with Fear" debuff that cannot be dispelled.
  • Destroy the adds as they spawn.
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