Hullbreaker Isle

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Kill the Cieldalaes Hornets in trash mobs first to avoid final sting.

alt me Sasquatch

  • When he is enraged, click on a tree to feed him a banana.
  • DPS should take out adds as they spawn.
  • Some treasure chests are mimics. Need stone tablet drop to progress in the dungeon.

    alt me Sjoorm

  • Avoid AE attacks.
  • When he burrows, jump in a bubble to avoid the upcoming attack. Don't jump into the bubbles when he's above ground.
  • alt me Kraken

  • Kill 2 tentacles at a time, then jump to a new platform as a group and repeat.
  • If marked by a green comet symbol, jump to another platform and wait for the tornado to spawn. Then jump back to where your party is.
  • If inked, you can use waterspouts to "wash it off", but you will have a debuff from the waterspout to deal with.
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