The Keeper of the Lake

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alt me Einhander

  • Kick the canisters to the side of the arena. Preferably all grouped together on one side. (Will explode later).
  • Avoid the multitude of AE attacks
  • alt me Magitek Gunship

  • Will target a random player and will drop a fire path in a straight line towards that person. Once he starts moving he will stay on that path. Move out of that path. Try to keep the path near the outside of the circle.
  • Destroy adds ASAP.
  • There will be random AE dropped in this next section. It can be used to damage the trash mobs.

    alt me Midgardsormr

  • Be ready to move a lot. There is a semi safe line between the column attacks near the posts up front by Midgardsormr on the outside of the circle, straight back to just right/left of the bridge when you come in at the back. Good area for casters.
  • The yellow(first) dragon needs tanked in the back of the arena. The blue(second) dragon is tanked close. They get buffs otherwise.
  • When the Astraea add spawns burn him quickly! He drops a canister that will protect you from Animadversion. Activate the canister and be near it to be protected by its shield.
  • Careful of the fire puddles. They will grow very large. RUN!
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