The Lost City of Amdapor

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  • When Mold Colony spawns adds, tank the Hecteyes away from the Tainted Mold. Ranged should explode the Tainted Molds when the party is not near them.
  • Chest pairs not from bosses have one mimic and one real chest. Many groups just skip them.
  • alt me Decaying Gourmand

  • When tethered you will be eaten.
  • Kill the Voracious Maw when someone gets eaten to release the player.
  • alt me Arioch

  • Tank should grab the Ranch Wamoura and gain the Scale Flakes debuff when it is destroyed. This will allow Arioch to descend and become attackable.
  • Make sure that DPS/Healer do not get the Scale Flakes debuff from the adds or Arioch will attack them.
  • Must kill White Magestone crystals before the Baalzephon enemies are vulnerable.

    alt me Diabolos

  • High geared parties can burn the boss and ignore the door mechanics.
  • Stay away from the orbs and their AE.
  • Door Mechanic (if needed): Mark doors that have the matching symbols when you first enter. When Diabolos casts Ruinous Omen, open one door, then near the end of the cast open the other door. The party will be transported out to avoid the damage. The symbols above the doors will change. Look for the matching set again while traveling between the doors, mark them when back in the room, and repeat the next time Ruinous Omen is cast.
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