Pharos Sirius

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alt me Symond the Unsinkable

  • Tank against a wall.
  • Kill the adds first.
  • Avoid the large AE attacks. (Yellow circles will grow)
  • alt me Zu

  • Higher level geared groups can just burn the boss.
  • Lower level geared: Kill adds as they spawn. Zu Cockerel have priority over Zu Pullets.
  • Killing eggs will enrage Zu, careful to not kill too many at a time.
  • alt me Tyrant

  • Burn him! (very easy, even lower leveled)
  • alt me Siren

  • DPS kill the adds. The Zombie Storm Sergeants are priority over the Zombie Storm Privates.
  • When Siren disappears, run to the center. When she reappears she will either AE everything but the center, or charge down the middle. If she reappears on top of you stay in the center, if she's on the outside of the circle, run away from the center.
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