The Praetorium

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If a Magiteck Transporter is active, you can skip by the enemies and teleport on through to the next area.

alt me Mark II Magitek Colossus

  • Tank by a wall (Knockback).
  • Tank and spank.
  • alt me Nero Tol Scaeva

  • Stay out of the lighting field.
  • Tank in "corners" of the circle to allow plenty of space for the pushback attack he does. (so you can stay out of the lightning field)
  • alt me Gaius Can Baelsar

  • Get out of the way of the glowing X move he does. He moves across the arena like the charge Ifrit does.
  • alt me Ultima Weapon

  • Tank against a wall (knockback)
  • Dodge the primal attacks (Titan, Ifrit, Garuda) in the same way as the trials.
  • Kill magitek bits as they appear
  • Get as far away as possible from the pulsing red AE attack (Airship crash). More damage the closer you are.
  • alt me Lahabrea

  • Tank and spank.
  • Get out of the AE attacks.
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