Sastasha (Hard)

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alt me Karlobos

  • Interrupt Tail Screw attack.
  • Healer should keep the Slime debuff off all members always. Especially if a member is targeted for the Tail Screw attack.
  • The tether can be passed to another member. You will be stunned at the end of the tether cast. May be wise to pass the tether if the person who is stunning the Tail Screw attacks gets the tether.
  • Drowned Wench should be downed first. The Brine adds will heal so take them out before they reach her as well.

    alt me Captain Madison

  • Destroy the Captain's Leech first (Healer), then the other adds.
  • Switch to Captain Madison if he gets the buff, "In the Line of Fire". He will target a random party member with his gun and keep firing until the party member is dead or he's interrupted. He can only be interrupted through damage.
  • alt me Kraken

  • Ignore the tentacle adds this time. Take out his arms and burn Kraken when the arms are down.
  • When 6 arms are spawned, ignore them, dodge, and heal through the damage.
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