Sastasha Seagrot

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alt me Chopper

  • Avoid the AE attack from Chopper. Fairly easy fight
  • alt me Captain Madison

  • Kill the adds first both times you face him, then focus on Captain Madison
  • Head to the Captain's quarters to get a key from a Shadowtail Reaver

    alt me Denn the Orcatoothed

  • Have the healer/dps responsible for the grates. When they bubble, interact with them to close them. An add will spawn otherwise. Focus damage on the add before going back to the boss. Casters should be responsible for the farthest grates.
  • Tank him in the center to help melee dps (if any) to attack and still get to their grate in time.
  • Tank may need to pick up the adds as well if casters are lower leveled.
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