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alt me Wandil

  • Destroy Frost Bomb add ASAP
  • Stay out of the AE attacks.
  • alt me Yeti

  • Do not kill the Spriggans. Instead keep them infront of Yeti when he casts Icy Breath to turn them into snowballs. Have him hit the snowballs more times with Icy Breath to make them bigger. At 3 times you can knock the snowballs into Yeti to do some real damage.
  • DPS take out the Frostbound adds ASAP.
  • Interrupt the Northerlies attack by stunning him with a snowball.
  • alt me Fenrir

  • When icicles drop, two will target a party member with column AE attacks. The third will cast a circular AE around it, either after the column attacks finish or after Fenrir casts Lunar Cry.
  • Fenrir will cast Lunar Cry every other icicle drop. If he casts Lunar Cry, get behind the third icicle to avoid the attack. Then move away from the icicle since it will do its AE attack as normal.
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