The Sone Vigil (Hard)

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alt me Gorynich

  • Stay to the sides and back to avoid most of the AE attacks.
  • If he runs to a corner, move toward him to avoid the nearly room-wide AE attack incoming.
  • DPS take care of adds as they spawn.
  • Blast the dragon in the window with cannons. (Similar to SV normal)

    alt me Cuca Fera

  • Everyone take a cannon and use Iron Kiss ability to damage Cuca Fera
  • When his shell flashes, stop firing.
  • Hard Stomp should be interrupted with the Spindly Finger cannon ability. Assign 1 or 2 people to be the ones to interrupt the casts.
  • When adds spawn, blow them up with cannons, especially if they are attacking other party members. Alternatively, the tank can round up adds and bring them to the center to be blown up by everyone else.
  • alt me Giruveganaus

  • Cannot be traditionally tanked
  • Melee stay near his sides to avoid most attacks. Do not hang out in front of him.
  • When he lowers his shoulder he will charge forward. When he raises his tail, it is a tail swipe.
  • When the second Girvuveganaus appears, keep burning the original boss, then to the second version.
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