The Stone Vigil

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alt me Chudo-Yudo

  • When he turns and runs to a side of the arena, run behind him. (ranged room-wide attack incoming)
  • alt me Koshchei

  • A ranged DPS or Healer should be responsible for the cannons. When a dragon appears in the window, fire the cannon that is pointed at him. There will be a strong room-wide AE attack otherwise.
  • Tank near the entrance, away from the cannons.
  • alt me Isgebind

  • Stay out of the ice patches.
  • When he flys up, a section of the room will have ice cast on it. Run away as fast as possible to avoid this. You will get damaged and the heavy debuff, increasing the likelihood that you will get hit again. Healers can dispel the heavy, but they are also running, so it is best to avoid.
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