The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)

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alt me Damaged Adjudicator

  • One body part will be glowing to start a phase. Destroy that body part and repeat.
  • Marked players will drop a sand ball that will explode. Drop them away from the group and avoid its AE.
  • Move out of the Shifting Sands ASAP.
  • Vicegerent's Head / Hands- Quickly destroy the hands to free players

    alt me Sabotender Emperatriz

  • Kill the adds ASAP. Tank should gain enmity on all of them.
  • Need to interrupt the 100,000 Needles cast. Only way is to damage her enough (DPS check).
  • When Sabotender Guardia spawns kill him quickly. His buff will protect the emperatriz from damage if he's still alive.
  • alt me Vicegerent to the Warden

  • Curse of the Mummy debuff will turn a player into a mummy at 4 stacks.
  • Avoid the two rows of mummys that run straight across the arena. Find the safe zone(s).
  • If tethered, stun the boss to stop the attacks or become a mummy.
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