The Sunken Temple of Qarn

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  • Kill Temple Bees first in trash mobs
  • Collect the four relics.
  • alt me Taratotaur

  • Kill the Dung Wespe adds ASAP.
  • When Doomed, run to the glowing platform to remove the debuff. (Platforms can change while you're running to them so verify that you don't have the debuff when you get to the platform.)
  • alt me Temple Guardian

  • Focus on the Golem Soulstone and destroy it, then switch to Temple Guardian. (he's invulnerable while the Golem Soulstone exists)
  • He will chase random players occasionally, regardless of enmity, so heal through those attacks until he stops.
  • alt me Adjudicator

  • Kill the Sun Jurors on each panel.
  • DPS: Kill the Mythril Verge when they spawn. Get inside the square that spawn with some Mythril Verge since walls can go up and not allow you to attack from the outside. Will explode if not killed.
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