The Wanderer's Palace

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  • Keep moving through the dungeon. If the big Tonberry catches up to you he will stab you.
  • Tonberry will drop lantern oil, used on Rusted Nymian Devices to open doors.
  • alt me Keeper of Halidom

  • Will throw random AE attacks at other party members regardless of enmity. Watch out.
  • Tank and spank.
  • alt me Giant Bavarois

  • Destroy adds ASAP
  • Will randomly target a party member, regardless of enmity, so run away or use a push-back attack to keep distance.
  • alt me Tonberry King

  • Tank in center
  • If high-level, burn the Tonberry King. DPS and Healer stack behind the king. If low level, each Tonberry killed makes the Tonberry King's Grudge attack stronger, so balance between killing adds (3-4 at a time), then waiting for him to use his Grudge attack, and then go back to reducing the amount of adds.
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