All's Well that Ends in the Well

Main Enemies: Sylph Pillow

Other Mobs: Domesticated Banemites, Sylvan Soughs, Fachan, Pack Ziz

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • When at Sylph Pillow, enemies will continue to spawn. Tank should pick all of these enemies up.
  • Tank should maintain emnity on all enemies. DPS should focus on Sylph Pillow.
  • Tanks

  • Pick up emnity on all enemies and try and group them around the Sylph Pillow but focus all damage on Sylph Pillow
  • Healers

  • Kite any enemies if they aggro you.
  • Focus on healing tank and Esuna-ing off Paralyze or Poison effects.
  • DPS

  • Focus on killing Sylph Pillow, but thin out the mobs if the healer can't keep up healing the tank.
  • Do any AE attacks near the grouped mobs if you have them.
  • Avoid any AE attacks so that the healer only has to focus healing 1 person.
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