Basic Training: Enemy Parties

Main Enemies: Elder Gobbue

Other Mobs: Tiny Mandragoras, Pecking Condors


  • Do not get more than 1 group of enemies unless you're higher geared.
  • Make sure you "pick up" (get more emnity on) any enemies that may aggro other party members.
  • Once the first two groups are defeated, tank the Elder Gobbue when he appears. After he is defeated work on the Pecking Condors, then Tiny Mandragoras.
  • Try and avoid AE attacks as much as possible.
  • Healers

  • Your tank should be the only one taking significant damage if run properly so focus healing them.
  • Stay out of AE attacks
  • DPS

  • Stay out of AE attacks
  • Try and focus on the enemy the tank is attacking to avoid pulling the enemies. DOTs are ok.
  • Order of importance is Elder Gobbue, Pecking Condor, Tiny Mandragora.
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