Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds

Main Enemies: Ledgeleaper

Other Mobs: Puck Hatchlings, Rasher Hog, Lemurs, Tamed Spriggans


  • Flash/ Overpower Puck Hatchlings to get emnity and take out the pack 1 by 1.
  • Pull Rasher Hog and two Lemurs will spawn behind group. Get emnity on Lemurs and then take out Rasher Hog first, DPS will take out Lemurs.
  • Flash/ Overpower Tamed Spriggans and take out the pack 1 by 1.
  • Focus on Ledgeleaper, but gain emnity on Yarzon Lurkers when they break out (if possible).
  • Healers

  • When tank engages the Rasher Hog beware of two Lemurs that will spawn behind.
  • Focus on healing tank and dodging enemy attacks.
  • DPS

  • Help the tank with the main packs of enemies
  • Take out Lemurs first after Rasher Hog is engaged by tank in second group.
  • In last group of enemies, DPS may have to take out Yarzon Lurkers to save weaker party members if Ledgelurker is not dispatched quickly.
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