Flicking Sticks and Taking Names

Main Enemies: Stikflix Grumblytoss

Other Mobs: Goblin Outlaws, Barricades

Avoid AE explosions from their bombs.
Destroy Barricades to get to the goblin mobs.


  • Gain emnity on all mobs if there isn't a Barricade between them and party members.
  • Very simple fight, just avoid AE
  • Healers

  • Help take out Barricades
  • Anyone hit by the AE from bombs will need healing. Tank will need minimal if they avoid AE explosions
  • Help out as much as possible on all mobs.
  • DPS

  • Help take out Barricades, then other adds, then Stikflix Grumblytoss
  • Very simple fight, just avoid AE
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