Hero on the Halfshell

Main Enemies: Gil Turtle

Other Mobs: Amateur Raiders, Efts, Fire Sprite


  • Focus on Gil Turtle.
  • When at the Gil Turtle is at 50% health move back towards the herb patch (essentially stand on the rock near it) so that the Gil Turtle's face will be over the herb patch. DPS and Healer will do the rest.
  • Healers

  • Tank and melee DPS will take most damage when attacking the Gil Turtle.
  • DOT smaller mobs at the beginning of the fight
  • Help on Gil Turtle damage when there are no other mobs
  • DPS

  • Focus on downing all other mobs except the Gil Turtle at first.
  • When Fire Sprite appears, focus on downing it.
  • When you obtain the fire sprite (after defeating the Fire Sprite) activate the herb patch with the fire sprite to create a sleep-inducing smoke for the Gil Turtle.
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