Long Live the Queen

Main Enemies: Bomb Queen

Other Mobs: Votive Candle, Bomb Servitors, Bomb Chars, Red Marshmellows, Bomb Baronets

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Bomb Servitors and Bomb Chars will move toward party members and self-destruct with an AE circle around them. Run at them and get them to self destruct earlier and not around other party members. Avoid the AE.
  • Bomb Baronets explode similarly, but need to be attacked first to initiate their self-destruct.
  • Red Marshmellows can cast sleep. Interrupt the cast if possible.
  • Tanks

  • Tank Red Marshmellows and the Bomb Queen normally, avoiding AE attacks.
  • Get the Bomb Servitors and Bomb Chars to blow up away from other party members when the Bomb Queen is not up.
  • When Bomb Queen is up, focus on her, keeping her near the bottom of the valley.
  • Healers

  • Avoid the AE attacks.
  • Be ready to do lots of healing if a party member gets hit by multiple AE attacks at once.
  • DPS

  • Hit the Bomb Baronets right when they spawn so that they blow up right away. If not, they can group up and do some heavy damage if not avoided.
  • Avoid all other AE and focus on the Bomb Queen.
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