Pulling Poison Posies

Main Enemies: Toxic Battrap

Other Mobs: Pus Gnats, Wild Hoglets, Leafbleed Ochus

Avoid the poison AE circles.


  • Always pull enemies out of the AE circles.
  • Stay focused on the Toxic Battrap.
  • Try to gain emnity on other adds
  • Healers

  • Don't worry about the poison on your party. Heal through it.
  • Kite any adds that come your way while avoiding the poison AE circles.
  • DOT the Toxic Battrap on spare casting cycles then any other adds.
  • DPS

  • One melee dps should focus on the adds to pull them away from the healer, which will help stay out of the poison circles. You don't have to defeat them all, just kite them in a circle around the arena.
  • One ranged DPS should focus more on the Toxic Battrap since it's easier to stay out of the poison circles.
  • If two ranged or two melee, try and split duties.
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