Shadow and Claw

Main Enemies: Shadowclaw

Other Mobs: Shadow Eye, Touch of Shadows

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Shadow Eye will circle the arena casting random AE attacks near him. Avoid the AE and don't target the mob.
  • Touch of Shadow mobs will spawn and cast a large grouping of AE attacks. Avoid them and don't attack, they'll explode on their own.
  • Tanks

  • Tank Shadowclaw on one side of the arena (helps avoid Shadow Eye AE attacks)
  • Avoid the AE attacks from Shadow Eye as best as possible
  • Avoid the Touch of Shadow AE attacks if they spawn near where you're tanking Shadowclaw.
  • Healers

  • Maintain distance from the Shadow Eye. Moving side to side instead of circling will likely give you more casting time.
  • Watch out for the Shadow Eye dropping AE on two or more party members. You will have to start healing immediately.
  • DPS

  • Ignore the adds and focus damage on Shadowclaw.
  • Avoid all AE from adds.
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