Solemn Trinity

Main Enemies: Crius Longbeard, Aegaeon of the Bone, Eurylos

Other Mobs: many types of Giants

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Save the Allagan Artifacts(3). Only 1 must survive the fight.
  • Pull any mob attacking an Artifact.
  • Crius Longbeard spawns on one side of the arena; when defeated, Aegaeon of the Bone spawns on the other side and Eurytos spawns near where Cirus Longbeard spawned. The group should split in two. One group should pick up Aegaeon of the Bone and his adds and one should pick up the Eurytos and his adds.
  • Tanks

  • Pull any mob near an artifact and make sure its AE attacks won't hit the Allagan Artifacts
  • Healers

  • You cannot heal or Stoneskin the Allagan Artifacts to help them.
  • DPS

  • Take out the "small" adds quickly, then the named ones.
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