Stinging Back

Main Enemies: Redbelly Swarmpoint

Other Mobs: Redbelly Stingers, Redbelly Lookouts, Redbelly Chanters, Redbelly Sharpeyes

Always kill the Redbelly Chanters first. They will heal other mobs.


  • Group enemy packs 4 enemies at a time unless your gear is really low, then 2 at a time.
  • Help kill Redbelly Chanters first.
  • When you find the Redbelly Swarmpoint, get emnity first, then help destroy the Redbelly Chanters surrounding him.
  • When additional Redbelly Chanters spawn, kill them and ignore the other adds.
  • Healers

  • Maintain the Tank's health foremost.
  • Help kill the Redbelly Chanters in groups and when they spawn by the Redbelly Swarmpoint.
  • DOT everyone else when you have available casting cycles.
  • DPS

  • Kill the Redbelly Chanters in groups the tank pulls and as they spawn later.
  • Kill the other adds second. (May only need 1 DPS person to do this by the Redbelly Swarmpoint. Ranged DPS should take this job)
  • Kill the Redbelly Swarmpoint. A single melee DPS person can help the whole time as long as there are no Redbelly Chanters up and the other DPS person takes the adds.
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