Ward Up

Main Enemies: Camio (5 mobs)

Other Mobs: Hollow Gargoyle

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • The 5 Camio need to be killed at roughly the same time or they respawn.
  • Easiest if you focus one down to <10% then switch until all are at <10% left. Then start edging them closer to 0% When one dies, kill the others as fast as possible.
  • If they spawn a Hollow Gargoyle take that out before focusing back on the Camio
  • Tanks

  • Gain emnity on all mobs if possible.
  • Try and hold off on AE attacks if any Camio is close to dying but others are not
  • Healers

  • Ok to cast DOTs on mostly full health mobs. Careful when they get too low.
  • Cast Stone II and Ruin II to help take out Camios when the killing phase starts.
  • Nobody hits too hard so healing should be fairly easy so you should be able to help damage mobs.
  • DPS

  • Careful with DOTs and AE attacks when one Camio is close to dying but others are not.
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