Labyrinth of the Ancients

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Normal trash pulls. Stay out of the pools of poison.

alt me Bone Dragon

  • Tank at the northern most platform square.
  • When Platinal adds spawn, pull them to the far squares of the circle away from the Bone Dragon. Adds should die on different platforms from each other.
  • After "killing" the Bone Dragon, the Platinals will reanimate and you will have to kill them before they get back to the Bone Dragon. If too many get to the dragon it can cause a wipe.
  • Repeat another time.
  • Off-tanks pick up Rotting Eyes in the third phase. Everyone else burn the Bone Dragon.
  • alt me Atomos (mini-boss)

  • Do not step on the platform until everyone is ready.
  • Ranged DPS and Healers, stay on the platforms. Need at least 4 people from each group to stand on the platform to allow other groups to kill their Atomos.
  • Main Tank and 2 DPS (melee if you have them) take out Atomos.
  • Off Tank, pull the adds back to the platform so that healers and ranged DPS can help down the adds.
  • alt me Thanatos

  • Stoneskin the Magic Pots.
  • When a "ghost", damage Thanatos, not adds.
  • When not a ghost, pick up and destroy all adds. Need to save all the Magic Pots.
  • alt me Vassago & Allagan Bomb

  • Each group take a Vassago and keep them near the edge of the platform.
  • Kill Allagan Balloon and Allagan Napalm as soon as they spawn. Do not allow the Allagan Napalms to reach the Allagan Bomb.
  • Once all Vassago are destroyed, burn the Allagan Bomb.
  • alt me King Behemoth

  • Four tanks should split tower duties. Turn off the Energy towers when they become active. (It is boring, but someone has to do it)
  • One tank should take King Behemoth
  • One Tank should take the Iron Giant
  • DPS should take out the Iron Giant first, but make sure the Puroboros adds do not make it to a tower either.
  • When King Behemoth growls, get behind a comet and make sure to line of sight King Behemoth. You will die if not behind a comet when he casts Ecliptic Meteor.
  • alt me Acheron

  • Stay out of the AE attacks (pretty well telegraphed)
  • Destroy the Iron Claws when they spawn. They will incapacitate a player until destroyed.
  • During Ancient Flare cast, run to the three outside platforms (one for each group) to shield the group from this attack. Destroy adds that spawn after Ancient Flare is cast.
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