Syrcus Tower

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All main bosses are tanked in the center of the rooms in this raid.

alt me Scylla

  • When Scylla casts Daybreak, everyone move onto the pad for your party to raise a shield.
  • Purple Orbs should be dragged to the glowing pillars.
  • Blue Orbs freeze you. Red Orbs need to be dragged to a frozen person (to melt them, which creates puddles).
  • Stand in puddles when Scylla casts Ancient Flare to lessen damage. Sacred Soil and Succor also help.
  • You need not kill the Staff of Eldering adds unless their AEs overwhelm the group (rare).
  • alt me Glasya Labolas

  • First Deathstream AOE we all stay. Second Deathstream we use the jump pads to get off of the main platform. Kill adds that spawn on the mini platforms.
  • Clockwork Wright adds need to die ASAP. One player must step into its purple circle before a Clockwork Wright is attackable.
  • Clockwork Squires need to be placed correctly with two beams going into them. Correct placement is counter-clockwise to your group jump pad. Off tanks may need to gain enmity and help in placement.
  • alt me Amon

  • Experimental By Products need to die ASAP.
  • Kum Kums need to be killed. Orbs can be dragged to them to shrink debuff them.
  • Kichiknebiks will chase their frogged player & need to be killed. Frogs should run away and can attack other Kichiknebiks.
  • When Amon casts Curtain Call, all players need to hide behind the ice blocked players.
  • alt me Xande

  • Kill outer Stonefall Circles when they appear before killing the center Starfall Circle.
  • After Stonefall Circles, 3 players will be marked with a black orb. Run towards center if marked, or run toward those marked players if not marked. It will create a platform for others to stand on to avoid the next attack from Xande.
  • When green/yellow orb circles spawn, at least one person needs to be standing in each.
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