World of Darkness

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Stay out of the large AE attacks in first room.

alt me Angra Mainyu

  • Tanks - Face him directly north. Very important for other mechanics.
  • When he casts Mortal Gaze, turn away from him to avoid. If it hits, you get a Doom debuff and must dispel it by running onto a glowing platform. Best to avoid it completely.
  • Red/White AE attack: You will get a debuff when standing in this the first time. The next time he casts this, you must stand in the opposite color, and repeat. Look at your debuff icon. If the forehead is red, stand in white. If the forehead is white, stand in red. You will die if you miss this mechanic. The white area is always in front of Angra Mainyu, red is always behind.
  • Kill the Final Hourglass adds when they spawn. Avoid the AE attack after the last hourglass is destroyed.
  • alt me Queen Scylla, Xande's Clone

  • When portals spawn, destroy the middle portal in each group first. Destroy the other portals if possible to prevent adds from spawning.
  • alt me Five-headed Dragon

  • When marked with a lightning mark, stand near other players to share and mitigate the damage.
  • When tethered to a dragonfly, walk near another player to pass the tether. Keep passing to avoid stacks.
  • Destroy the Prominence and Poison Slime adds ASAP.
  • Ice puddles expand, be careful to avoid them.
  • When additional heads spawn, burn them ASAP to avoid a wipe.
  • Stop performing actions (healing is ok) when Heatwave is cast until the debuff falls off.
  • alt me Moaning Atomos

  • On top platform, step on any glowing platforms to help other groups jump back up.
  • When marked, run away from other players to help them avoid being sucked in and blown off to the lower platform.
  • Figure out a belly team for Cerberus. A lot of people use group B, some use 8 DPS players from all groups.

    alt me Cerberus

  • When he casts Ululation, be near other party members or you will be feared.
  • He will mark a player and spit Gastric Juice at them. Belly team members will need to be by the Gastric Juice ball after it is spit to get caught in one of its explosions to be minified. Once Minified find the purple goo and get in it. He will eat those members.
  • Those not in the stomach should kill the Wolfsbane adds as they can overwhelm the now smaller group.
  • When in stomach, kill the Stomach Wall adds ASAP. You can ignore the other adds.
  • When he is casting Reawakening, two people need to grab chains to chain him back up.
  • alt me Cloud Of Darkness

  • When targeted with Feint Particle Beam, run to the far end of the arena away from others and keep running until it stops casting. There are a lot of bolts.
  • When she disappears, be ready for a beam across the entire arena when she reappears. Move to the sides quickly to avoid it.
  • When the orbs spawn, one player needs to be in each to avoid room-wide damage. Ranged DPS and Healers check the back of the room!
  • Destroy all Dark Clouds and Dark Storms when they appear. Do not let them get to her! Too many and she can wipe the group. Getting in between the clouds and the boss will slow them down.
  • Attack Shadowlurkers as they pop up.
  • There will be three Hypercharged Clouds spawned in hexagons. Groups should get into the hexagon as a wall will prevent outside attacks.
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