Battle on the Big Bridge

Boss Fight: Gilgamesh

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • When turned into a toad, RUN! A green chicken will be chasing you!
  • Avoid windstorms (phase 2).
  • Confusion debuff is removed by healing to full (phase 2).
  • Laugh at the ridiculousness.
  • Tanks

  • Tank Gilgamesh in the center of the room
  • Healers

  • Status effects in this fight cannot be removed with Esuna or Leeches
  • Remove confusion debuff by healing player to full.
  • In phase two, if you leave one person with the confusion debuff and do not heal them to full it will eliminate frog/mini statuses for the rest of the group for the rest of the fight.


  • Avoid AEs and windstorms.
  • Run away from chickens when you're turned into a toad.
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