The Howling Eye - Hard Mode

Boss Fight: Garuda

The same rules of the normal encounter still apply with some additions.
As of Patch 2.51, high-level groups are ignoring Chirada and Suparna completely and are just burning Garuda with success. This guide will go over the conventional strategies.

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Kill Razor Plumes ASAP when rock pedestals are up in phase 1(rocks will protect you in transition to phase 2)
  • Stay out of Tornados in phase 2
  • Dodge Slipstream (frontal AE cone) and Shrieks in phase 2.
  • When Chirada and Suparna spawn, kill the add with the green leash first(heals Garuda), then the add with the red leash, then move back to Garuda.
  • If Razor Plumes are spawned in phase 2, look out for a Satin Plume and down it immediately. (can wipe the group)
  • Tanks

  • Tank against north wall in Phase 1. South, slightly west in Phase 2 to avoid Tornados.
  • Dodge Slipstream (generally does two big "swipe attacks" with green effects right before)
  • Off-tank: Grab Chirada and Suparna and bring them close enough to ranged DPS so they can burn them
  • Healers

  • When The Reckoning comes everyone will be hit for damage, be ready for a group heal right after
  • Help DOT Razor Plumes and the Satin Plume
  • DPS

  • Kill the Razor Plumes. AE when they first spawn if possible.
  • Burn the add with a green leash first, then the red leash
  • Make sure the Satin Plume is downed quickly
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