The Howling Eye - Normal Mode

Boss Fight: Garuda

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Kill Razor Plumes ASAP when rock pedestals are up in phase 1(rocks will protect you in transition to phase 2), not as urgent to kill in phase 2 but still need to take them out if Garuda isn't close to dying
  • Garuda will teleport and then cast Shriek once she reappears. Hide behind rocks (LOS) before Shriek is cast. She will Shriek north on first teleport, then from center or south on second.
  • Stay out of purple wind in phase 2.
  • Dodge Slipstream (frontal AE cone) and Shrieks in phase 2.
  • Tanks

  • Tank against north wall in Phase 1. Point her away from center in Phase 2.
  • Dodge Slipstream (generally does two big "swipe attacks" with green effects right before)
  • WAR: Can help with Razor Plumes when they spawn using Overpower or Steel Cyclone
  • Healers

  • When The Reckoning comes everyone will be hit for damage, be ready for a group heal right after
  • Help DOT Razor Plumes
  • Important to dodge Slipstream in phase 2
  • DPS

  • Kill the Razor Plumes. AE when they first spawn if possible.
  • Stay away from rock pedestals when Razor Plumes are out. Damage taken near them will damage rocks.
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