The Bowl of Embers - Hard Mode

Boss Fight: Ifrit

The same rules of the normal encounter still apply with some additions.

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Kill the 4 Infernal Nails ASAP (spawn at 50% health)
  • Avoid AE floor attacks (Eruption is cast throughout, Radiant Plumes start after the Infernal Nails are destroyed). A new Radiant Plume is cast room-wide except near Ifrit.
  • Do not stand in front of him (unless tank, and stand close)
  • Avoid Crimson Cyclone attacks. Ifrit will line up on the edge of the arena and dash straight across, burning anything in its wake. Find the safe areas.
  • Tanks

  • Face Ifrit away from group (back against the wall), near outside of room the entire battle
  • MT: Do NOT help with the Infernal Nails OT: Help with the nails.
  • Eruption can be stunned by Shield Bash or Brutal Swing
  • When Radiant Plume is cast in center, move away from perimeter slightly to avoid the upcoming plume on the outside edge of arena
  • Healers

  • Cast DOTs on the Infernal Nails but be sure to have everyone near full health before Infernal Nails are destroyed
  • Also be ready to heal after Infernal Nails are destroyed. Ifrit will cast room-wide Hellfire, damaging everyone. Sacred Soil before Hellfire can help lessen the amount of healing needed afterward.
  • Avoid Radiant Plumes. Be aware of the new Radiant Plume that only has a safe zone near Ifrit.
  • DPS

  • Kill the Infernal Nails adds ASAP. Ifrit's Hellfire will wipe the group if a single nail remains.
  • Avoid Radiant Plumes Be aware of the new Radiant Plume that only has a safe zone near Ifrit.
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