The Whorleater - Hard Mode

Boss Fight: Leviathan

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Water spouts will telegraph where Leviathan will come out at. If it is along the initial left right sides (E/W) he will flop on the platform (move N/S to avoid). If the plume is on the initial front back sides (N/S) he will jump lengthwise across the platform. (move E/W to avoid)
  • DPS should attack the tail and not the head of Leviathan
  • Kill the Gyre Spume adds when they appear
  • Activate the Elemental Converter (middle of south side edge of the platform) when it becomes available
  • Tanks

  • Main Tank take head
  • Off-Tank should pick up adds
  • Healers

  • Stay near center of platform for less running around.
  • Group heal and keeping Medica II and/or Succor up is effective
  • DPS

  • All DPS should switch to adds when they appear
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