The Striking Tree - Hard Mode

Boss Fight: Ramuh

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Spread out to avoid overlapping AE attacks
  • Players should collect orbs (no more than 3, they will fall off) as long as no one is tethered
  • If another player is hit with Chaotic Strike (will be frozen in fear), run your AE Thunderstorm attack over to player to create splash damage to unfreeze the player.
  • Kill Grey Arbiter adds before Ramuh casts Judgement Bolt
  • To break tethers, one player should collect 3 orbs, the other should do nothing. Any ability used while tethered will cause you to take damage.
  • Tanks

  • Off tank can go collect orbs
  • Healers

  • Cannot esuna/ leech off the fear from a Chaotic Strike
  • After Grey Arbiters are downed, Judgement Bolt will hit everyone with a fair amount of damage. Be prepared.
  • DPS

  • Spread out and kill the Grey Arbiters when they spawn.
  • Look for the Fear debuff on other players and unfreeze them if you have the Thunderstorm AE on your player.
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