A Relic Reborn: The Chimera

Boss Fight: Chimera

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • If Chimera uses Cacophony on you, move away from other players. Move away from others that get Cacophony cast on them.
  • Move out of AE attacks ASAP
  • When Chimera casts Ram's Breath: all melee players should move out of the melee range of the boss.
  • When Chimera casts Dragon's Breath: all ranged players should move to the melee range of the boss.
  • Tanks

  • Pull Chimera outside of the cave towards the hill with the tree.
  • Healers

  • Esuna / Leech debuffs on players.
  • DPS

  • Don't stand behind Chimera.
  • Spread out in the area to help avoid multiple players getting Cacophony.
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