A Relic Reborn: The Hydra

Boss Fight: Hydra

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Avoid Hydra's AE attacks
  • When Hydra comes back to center to cast Fear Itself run to center under him to avoid being feared.
  • Dispatch Wyvern adds ASAP. (They buff Hydra).
  • Tanks

  • Tank Hydra away from center. It will better telegraph when he's going to cast Fear Itself
  • After Hydra casts Fear Itself remember to move him back to away from center as he can still cast it again.
  • Off-tank: Take the Wyverns as they come and move them out of any AE circles that may exist.
  • Healers

  • You cannot Esuna / Leech the fear from Fear Itself off of players.
  • Fight isn't too damage intensive. Keep your tanks up.
  • DPS

  • Pick up the Wyverns as they come in.
  • Avoid the AE
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