The Chrysalis

Boss Fight: Nabriales

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • When orbs spawn, each player should pop them in an alternating fashion. Two of the same kind in a row will cause a player to take a decent amount of damage.
  • When portal appears, use cooldowns right before going in. The timers will be massively extended (10x). When in this area, defensive and offensive buffs will be needed.
  • Destroy the Aetherial Tear before the large meteor in center drops
  • Tanks

  • Use defensive buffs to mitigate the double and triple Spark casts from Nabriales
  • During orb phase, grab Shadow Sprites when they spawn and keep them pointed out of arena
  • When in portal, stand under meteors and let them crash down upon you. Alternate between tanks.
  • Healers

  • Watch out for triple Spark casts on your tanks.
  • Tanks will need lots of healing inside the portal.
  • DPS

  • Make sure you collect all the orbs and do not allow them to buff Nabriales
  • Destroy the Aetherial Tear ASAP. May need to use the Limit Break here.
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