The Dragon's Neck

Boss Fight: Ultros & Typhon

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Avoid Typoon's knockback attacks and stay on the platform.
  • When imped, get hit by Ultros' Aquabreath to stack "Wet Plate" debuff, but avoid other AE
  • When Typhon moves to center and glows, Imp Punch him (need 8 stacks of "Wet Plate" or you will likely wipe)
  • If a circle AE is cast on you (follows you), run away from other players so they won't get hit.
  • Tanks

  • Tank Typhon in the NW with him facing North (angled)
  • Tank Ultros in the SE corner with him facing SE as well.
  • Healers

  • Beware the AE attacks
  • DPS

  • Focus on Typhon until imped, then Ultros until Typhon moves to center and you have to imp punch him. Rinse repeat.
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