The Navel - Hard Mode

Boss Fight: Titan

The same rules of the normal encounter still apply with some additions.

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Don't get hit by Landslide (frontal column AE). You can fall off the platform.
  • Kill Titan's Heart when it spawns ASAP (spawns at ~50% HP for Titan)
  • On Titan leaps, stay away from center and get as close as possible to the red circle to lessen damage taken
  • When someone is encased in granite, attack the rock to free them
  • Dodge Weight of the Land (AE circle attacks that focus on two random players) that come after Titan's Heart is destroyed.
  • Titan now drops Bomb Boulders in patterns that explode in the order he dropped them in. Stand by the ones he dropped last, then run to the first ones right after they explode to avoid the upcoming explosion.
  • Tanks

  • Face Titan away from center (back against the edge) for the entire battle
  • Keep using defensive cooldowns to help mitigate the damage Titan inflicts (especially after Titan's Heart is destroyed).
  • Healers

  • Do not Fall off. Your group will likely wipe if you do midway through a fight. Dodge Landslide over healing.
  • After Titan's Heart is killed be ready for a group heal after Titan's next jump attack.
  • Also after Titan's Heart is killed, he will start performing Mountain Buster that can hit the tank for 3k+ damage. Be ready.
  • DPS

  • Kill Titan's Heart ASAP. Titan will wipe the group if his heart remains up too long.
  • Free players trapped in granite.
  • Stand far enough away from Tank that the AE attacks do not hit the tank as well.
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