The Navel - Normal Mode

Boss Fight: Titan

alt me Main Fight Mechanics

  • Don't get hit by Landslide (frontal column AE). You can fall off the platform.
  • Kill Titan's Heart when it spawns ASAP (spawns at ~50% HP for Titan)
  • On Titan leaps, stay away from center and get as close as possible to the red circle to lessen damage taken
  • When someone is encased in granite, attack the rock to free them
  • Dodge Weight of the Land (AE circle attacks that focus on two random players) that come after Titan's Heart is destroyed.
  • Tanks

  • Face Titan away from center (back against the edge) for the entire battle
  • Help free people from granite if DPS/Healer don't do it relatively quickly (especially if Titan's Heart is up)
  • Healers

  • Do not Fall off. Your group will likely wipe if you do midway through a fight. Dodge Landslide over healing.
  • After Titan's Heart is killed be ready for a group heal after Titan's next jump attack.
  • DPS

  • Kill Titan's Heart ASAP. Titan will wipe the group if his heart remains up too long.
  • Free players trapped in granite.
  • Stand far enough away from Tank that the AE attacks do not hit the tank as well.
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